Meter reading with SmartReleve Android

Multi-protocol meters reading management solution for ANDROID OS


Manage effectively the consumption of a network implies the use of a computer tool to avoid any error of entry or forgetting.
Thanks to radio technologies, the indexes are captured remotely and then retrieved from the mobile terminal.

Optimise the meters radio reading

  • Manual and radio mutli-protocol reading solution, Diehl Metering (Sappel), Homerider, Honeywell (Elster), Itron, Kamstrup, Maddalena, Zenner...
  • Compatible with Android smartphone, tablets and hardened terminals (minimum version required  4.4)
  • Synchronisation of the routes in local mode (USB ou WiFi) or through 3G/4G
  • GPS Guidance and geo-referencing
  • Automated radio reading for bi-directionnal and uni-directional meters.
  • In Real Time alarms management
  • Possibility to take photo in the subscriber form
  • Billing: compatible with Agedi, Cegid, e-GEE, Gedipro, HiAffinity, Incom, JVS, Magnus, Segilog, Visa...
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Compatible with a large range of terminals, regarding to your constraints and to your specifications. Manual reading, Radio reading, GPS guidance, Camera, GPRS Download, GIS, alarms management...  

Management of water and heat meter indexes, with a module of radio reading (beltbox). Interfacing with billing softwares.