LWP Alarm management and oversight software


MobiSupervisor© is a global solution ensuring the protection and the oversight of the field agents. In the company's buildings, the agent will be able to trigger an alarm and then be geolocated thanks to a radio beacons mesh. In an outdoor environment, he bill be geolocated thanks to the GPS network.

MobiSupervisor© is modular, scalable and multiplatform. The solution can consist of a simple LWP-GSM, Bluetooth GSM with PTIBlue, then evolve with LWP GPS GSM to end with geolocation terminals in a building. This architecture will be the most complete, consisting of a hardened smartphone with GPS, an alarm device on the belt, and geolocation radio terminals .

LWP Alert Monitoring Pack on Dedicated Station including software and GSM modem (requires a SIM card).
Especially useful for supervising LWP alerts from a guardhouse, a control room, a remote control ...