Personnal Tracker enabling to geolocate on demand

SmartTracker is a compact and ergonomic device dedicated to the Lone people protection, it can be also used to track items or vehicles. It is an autonomous item, containing its own GSM and GPS antenna, and also its own rechargeable Battery.

Operation :
►A 3 seconds pressure on the SOS Button trigger the sending of an alert message, with a Google Maps link in it, in order to geolocate the beacon. The priority telephone receives in addition to the SMS, a call of the beacon for an ambience listening and if necessary, to speak with the person who triggered the alert (Doubt removal) .
►The fall detection also enables to generate an alert with geolocation.
►The beacon can be used as vehicle lock, in this case, thanks to Geofencing, a text message will be automatically sent once the vehicle would go out of the defined perimeter 
To know the operating status or location of the beacon (placed in your car, around the neck of your child ...), you can send it a request message.

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On-demand GPS geolocation  (via text message sending) - SOS button (text message sending and voice call) - Zone entry / exit alert (geofencing) Up to 3 configurable zones with defined perimeter - Travel detection alert (text message sending) - Over speed alert (SMS sending) - Ambience listening mode - Automatic dialing - Duplex voice call (send / receive) - Incoming call reception - Low battery alert - 900mAh battery (over 100 hours) - IP67 ( waterproof and dustproof) - Dimensions: 61 x 42 x 16 mm - Weight: 35 grams - Requires SIM card - Comes with: docking station, power adapter, USB cable, wrist strap, user manual.

Particularly useful for the safety of isolated workers (in offices or on the field), or simply isolated people, such as children, elderly people ...