Lone worker protection on Android with SmartPTI

SmartPTI is the solution, running on Android OS, dedicated to the Lone workers protection. Ergonomic, economical and scalable, it it differs from standard LWP devices thanks to its compatibility with different Android smartphones (minimum version 4.1.2).

Operation :
During a loss of verticality and/or no movement, the smartphone makes a pre-alarm (sound signal or vibration) in order to warn the user that an alarm cycle will start. During this phase, the user can stand up straight and/or move to cancel the alarm cycle.
When the automated or voluntary alarm is confirmed, a text message is sent (up to 10 phone numbers) and a call loop is performed with the pre-configured phone numbers (up to 10 phone numbers). The call loop si stopped when a recipient of a call picks the pone up. When the phone is cummunicating with a recipient, the speaker is activated in order to let the recipient have a dialogue with the user and to let him remotely diagnose the problem.
The alarm text message can contain the GPS Location of the phone, if available on smartphone.
The tracking mode (option) enables to cyclically transmit a telegram of geolocation to a dedicated server.

Les différentes options disponibles sont les suivantes :

  • Tour Guard System NFC
  • Indoor geolocation by autonomous beacons and/or by Wifi network
  • Tracking
  • Positive safety
  • LWP connected alarm button (PTIBlue2 or PTIBlue4)

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Voluntary alarm on a dedicated side button , LWP alarms - loss of verticality and no movement,  Voice call alarm, Text message alarm with geolocation,  Automatic unlocking on authorized number, Private phone directoryBlocking smartphone applications with GSM pack, Indoor geolocation by autonomous beacons*, Geolocation in tracking mode*, In Real Time Tour Guard system*, Positive safety in tracking mode*, Alarm on WIFI network to a dedicated server*
* Features available in option

Especially useful for the maintenance agents, security agents and patrollers, itinerant employees or simply for all of the Lone workers.