Lone worker protection


This Bluetooth terminal is to be worn with a belt clip and is associated to a GSM.  It has a simple push button to generate an alarm and a detector which perceives an absence of movement. Every alarm, voluntary or automated, generates a text message (G version) and then a voice call to the on-call number, with the possibility to have cascading voice call up to 9 phone numbers. Discreet and efficient, the PTIBlue2 is an excellent protection solution for situations of distress, aggression or extreme emergency in an isolated environment.

Characteristics :

  • Belt clip or pocket
  • bicolour LEDs (red/ green) on the top
  • Button for voluntary alarm
  • On / Off switch button
  • Charger port to recharge the internal battery
  • Optimal autonomy of 100 h
  • Very lighteweight (52g)
  • Movement sensor
  • Built-in vibrator
Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows phone, Nokia, voice call, text message sending, geolocation, TomTom, DECT GigaSet, Motorola PMR. Possible specific / complementary development for any other operating system.

Especially useful for the maintenance agents, security agents and patrollers, itinerant employees or simply for all of the Lone workers.