Lone worker protection


This Bluetooth terminal can be worn as a wristwatch, as a locket or as a belt clip, associated with an Android smartphone. It has a simple push button to generate a LWP alarm, but also a sensor which perceives an absence of movement and/or a loss of verticality. Every alarm, voluntary or automated, generates a text message with geolocation in it and then a voice call to the on-call number, with the possibility to have cascading voice call up to 10 phone numbers. Discreet and efficient, the PTIBlue4 is an excellent protection solution for situations of distress, aggression or extreme emergency in an isolated environment.


  • Wristwatch, locket, belt clip or pocket
  • 2 LEDs (red/ green)
  • SOS button for voluntary alarms
  • Micro-USB port to recharge the internal battery
  • Optimal autonomy of 100h
  • Very lightweight(18g)
  • No movement detection
  • Loss of verticality detection
  • Built-in vibrator
  • Bluetooth 4.0
Compatible with Android Smartphones, Voice call, text message sending, geolocation. Possible specific / complementary development for any other operating system.

Especially useful for the maintenance agents, security agents and patrollers, itinerant employees or simply for all of the Lone workers.